MANIFESTA7 manifeSTATION curated by Office for Cognitive Urbanism (Andreas Spiegl, Christian Teckert) assistant curator Eszter Steierhoffer Rovereto, Italy
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Thinking about space implies to think about territories at the same time – territories related to cities, regions, nations or even continents. What they do have in common is that they are addressing the notion of properties and therefore evoking politics of inclusion and exclusion, an inside and an outside. Regarding the effects of globalisation, migration and a nomadic version of economies, these territories have to face demands from within and without. Manifesta 7 taking place in 4 cities and disseminated within the region Alto Adige/Trentino reflects these ambiguous and controversial politics of space. The Manifestation project has chosen the railway station as a site representing an urban gate, an interconnection between the cities as well as larger spatial expansions. It is an inbetween place defined by arrivals and departures – also related to expectations, anticipations, the imaginary. Manifestation, an imaginary station within a station, addresses exactly those who willingly or unwillingly are identifying themselves with this space inbetween. The Office for Cognitive Urbanism (OCU) intervened with other architectural perspectives opening up spaces for different manifestations of cultural, political or economical incongruencies – reflected in the works by the invited artists: Azra Aksamija, Andreas Duscha, Sonia Leimer, Christian Mayer, Kamen Stoyanov,Adrien Tirtiaux and Anna Witt. The Manifestation marks a site – in and outside of the city, neither here not yet away.
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